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The New Employee Orientation Process

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Typically, new-employee orientation is a two-part process. Part one is generally conducted by the HRM department and covers general company information. Part two is conducted by the new employeeâ??s manager and covers the specifics of the job.

In an outline format, describe a new-employee orientation process that would address the needs of inexperienced, new employees to start them on the path to high performance. Give special attention to what the new employeesâ?? managerâ??s role is in the orientation process.

How would you evaluate your orientation program to determine whether it is effective? Discuss the process and measures to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Prepare an outline for an orientation program that is effective in starting new employees on the road to success. Make sure that your orientation program covers the following points:

â?¢Purpose of the program.

â?¢Define clear roles for the HRM department orientation and that of the supervisor.

â?¢Which parts would be accomplished in the â??firstâ? day HRM program, and which would be taken care of by the supervisor on the first day or over time.

â?¢How the employee will be introduced to the work and to other employees.

Cal Berkley Web site. Use the search words: Guide to Managing Human Resources New Employee Orientation.

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Purpose: The purpose of this orientation program is to give the new employee key knowledge of the organization, and more specifically, knowledge of the duties that will be required of him in order to perform his job in a proficient manner. In addition, this orientation program is also designed to effectively acclimate new employees to the conditions under which they will be working while employed with this organization, which will eliminate the shock factor that many new employees experience upon initial entry into the the work ...