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Effective Employee Onboarding

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1. Explain what is meant by employee onboarding.
2. Research a company for which you work or have worked for in the past. What is their onboarding process?
3. What could the company do to improve the process?
4. What does the company do well in the process?

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1.Explain what is meant by employee onboarding

Employee onboarding represents the strategic process wherein companies hiring new employee to the organization must provide information, training, mentoring and coaching throughout the initial transition phase of the orientation process from recently hired employee to permanent employment status. Employee onboarding starts from the time an employee accepts an offer of employment and can last from anywhere from six to twelve months of employment, but some organizations may extend this time frame. Employees' that are newly hired must become adjusted to the social dynamics and performance aspects of their newly acquired jobs quickly and smoothly as well as glean the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within the organization, which can be accomplished through successful employee onboarding.

The onboarding process entails different stages beginning with orientation, which enables organizations the ability to collect all relevant Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits forms. During the orientation phase of the onboarding process the company is conveying to the newly hired employee its organizational brand and values, professional culture, institutional expectations and performance and the tools that will assist the employee in successfully assimilating into his or her position within the organization.

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