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    Strategies for Recruitment, Hiring and Onboarding

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    The textbook case a student requested assistance with was: Prepare a comprehensive plan in which you present your strategies to recruit, hire and provide onboarding activities for 20 new Engineers, all within 8 months. The solution explains various ways to recruit in today's electronic age. Many organizations simply use social media rather than "print ads" to announce openings. The case specifies 20 new hires is the goal. This solutions provides a recommendation for staggering the 20, so those tasked with training are not overburdened. There is also a discussion on onboarding; to ensure all new 20 employees swiftly become aware of the company's policies, procedures and environment.

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    Recruitment would include website postings at local colleges and technical schools; targeting engineering students. Postings would also be placed at local unemployment offices, to attract those in the field that are currently out of work. Additional postings would also be done with professional associations within the engineering field. In today's "electronic age" very few employment candidates look to "paper" listings. By placing job postings with these three broad categories of agencies - colleges/schools to target students, unemployment offices to target entry to mid level candidates without jobs and professional associations for the more experienced engineers - should yield an extremely vast base of candidates. The recommended deadline for applying would be three weeks ...

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    This case scenario strategizes how to recruit, hire and onboard new employees; utilizing an engineering field. The solution is about 500 words and includes one reference. This solution discusses recruitment methods such as social media and advertising at schools teaching engineering; a strategy for when and how to bring on 20 new hires, along with methods to incorporate and make employees feel welcome.