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    Analysis of job recruitment success tools

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    Write a report describing the findings from a preliminary analysis. The analysis will be of the data found in Exhibit 3.3, Staffing Process Analysis.
    The report will be written from the perspective of the head of HR to an Executive Vice President (EVP) who requested information on staffing outcomes. However, given the short period of time the EVP has given you to conduct the analysis, your results are preliminary and should reflect that.

    Given the level of the individual you are reporting to, your report must be short, succinct and cogent. Your job is to report the findings of the analysis as clearly as possible. Your report may be in the form of a business memo or may be in report format. However, it is not to exceed 2 pages

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    These would be my observations. You might want to review the various recruiting sources and then the results for some additional information.

    The keys to successful hiring and retention seem to be specific to some methods rather than sources of hiring. There seemed to be no set pattern in how successful retention is when considered against the type of hiring sources. Newspapers, while the most common along with job boards, both produced hires that were retained in some instances, but not in others. Ratings seldom present a complete picture ...

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    Reviewing and analyzing a limited spreadsheet on recruiting efforts