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    Criteria for assessment of job

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    Discuss the matter of choosing the "right" criterion/criteria for evaluation, including addressing the complications in developing reliable and valid criteria for hiring/selection, job analysis and job performance.

    In general what are the major criteria examined by I/O psychologists?

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    Every job has criteria to complete the tasks successfully. These criteria for performance include the skills or knowledge needed to accomplish the tasks. The evaluation of the tasks for the depends on the best criteria being established and used when reviewing the position before hiring. When criterion is deficient then person hired could be either over qualified or under qualified. The criteria established must be relevant to the job, the company, and the needs of both.

    Job analysis is a first step. ...

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    This solution of 352 words provides a discussion on the importance of a successful job criteria and on how to choose the right criteria for a job recruitment. Reference used is included.