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Recruiting and Selection: Positive Assessment Tools

List three positive assessment tools HR can use to identify seams between the organization and employee's values prior to employment.

What is the importance of utilizing more than one pre-employment assessment and what are the rationales that HR can use to justify the expense of these tools?

Requirement: At least two resources to validate statements.

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HR Assessment Tools

The HRM assessment tools are the methods to assess the structure and functional efficiency of human resource management system of an organization. These tools are useful for users to improve the efficacy and efficiency of human resource system. There are several tools for pre employment and post employment. It can be stated that pre-employment assessment tools allow a company to decrease the risk of recruiting undesired employees (Weiner, Freedheim, Goldstein & Schinka, 2003).

Assessment tools which are applied to analyze the values of applicants before employment may be categorized in to following categories:

Aptitude assessment: Aptitude test is valid tool to predict success in the jobs and training across a wide variety of occupation. This test helps to measure the learning capability and job responsibility of the candidate. It includes verbal, quantitative and reasoning skills. Some specific abilities related to jobs or professions are also assessed to analyze the particular job skills (Freedheim, Goldstein & Schinka, 2003).

Background assessment: comprehensive screening of background is very valuable tool for any company prior to ...

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The solution discusses recruiting and selection including the positive assessment tools HR used to identify seams between the organization and employee's values prior to employment.