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    Recruiting and selecting appropriate employees for your business

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    As a business owner, you are concerned with recruiting and selecting appropriate employees for your business. Discuss how you could utilize a job analysis to begin the recruitment process. Then discuss methods to recruit and select employees for your business.

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    Job Analysis is a process to establish and document the 'job relatedness' of employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal.The job analysis provides information about the actual functions that are carried out on job by employees. The job analysis helps the HR understand the nature of each job. This is essential for recruitment where it is important to have a complete job description. In addition, the job analysis helps the HR develop a fair and equitable package of compensation. Moreover, the job analysis helps the HR develop criteria for performance evaluation and implement them correctly.
    Job analysis helps the HR to hire correctly, structure the organization in an effective manner and compensate the employees in a equitable manner.

    Key factors regarding recruiting

    In a time when many companies are cutting costs across their operations, a growing number of HR departments are changing the ways they recruit. Their goal: to boost recruiting efficiency (reducing recruiting costs per hire). Their means: innovative recruiting approaches that bring imagination and aggressiveness to a company's overall recruiting function. Thus it is essential that the advertisements are creative, clever, eye-catching ads. They must ...

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    The solution discusses ways to select and recruit employees effectively.