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    Recruitment Dilemma

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    You have subsequently hired recruiters who are not having a great deal of success recruiting and selecting scientists. The dilemma is that these same recruiters, who now represent the bulk of your recruitment staff, are much better at recruiting and selecting sales personnel. The problem is that you probably should have split the difference and hired more sales-oriented recruiters, but you failed to do this.

    Your choices are the following:
    A. Allocate additional funds in the budget for additional scientific recruiters
    B. Train the existing recruitment staff so that they are prepared to recruit and select the appropriate scientists.

    Respond to the following questions:
    - In your opinion, what are the main issues pertaining to conflict and conflict resolution?
    - How do you demonstrate your ability to effectively deal with conflict?
    - In your opinion, what are the real-life solutions to the problem?
    - What are the criteria for success for this project and how will you measure success?
    - Use a format similar to the following:

    Format is on the attachment

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    The main issues relating to conflict is that bulk of the recruitment staff is better at recruiting and selecting sales personnel. However your company requires recruitment staff that is trained to recruit scientific personnel. The choice is that either new recruiters who are competent at recruiting scientific staff should be recruited, or the existing recruiters should be retrained to recruit and select the appropriate scientists. If new recruiters trained and having experience in recruiting scientific staff are hired, some of the ...

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