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    Research Dilemma and Research Question Formation

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    This assignment is for my organizational research course. To do this question you can make up a places of employment or use mine. I work as an assistant manager to a 53 unit motel. I need this done asap, it is do Sunday, and I have to turn in something. Please do not decline, I will take your best shot at it. I have to pass this course.

    Written Assignment 1

    Develop the management-research question hierarchy for a management dilemma at your place of employment or at an organization for which you volunteer. Provide an explicit description of the organizational context surrounding the dilemma. List the observable symptoms and the resultant impacts of this dilemma, using some measurable scale (such as money) for the latter. Refine the research question(s) so it (they) is (are) suitable as the foundation of a research proposal.

    Grading Criteria
    Point Values


    Dilemma Description & Organizational Context

    Symptoms & Impact

    Question Hierarchy (Flow Chart)

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    CB, Inc is a trucking company with more than 200 trucks transporting a myriad of goods throughout the country. The trucks are both refrigerated and non-refrigerated. They do not move livestock. The trailers are all CB and some of the tractors are company owned. About half are private drivers.
    They offer standard rates for OTR drivers and the company drivers are compensated with per mile rates and health insurance, retirement plan, and some opportunities for advancement. The company has been in business for more than twenty years and most of the executives are hired from outside the company. Only executives in the shipping division and sales have come from the driver ranks. The company has felt a resentment building in the driver pool, but chosen not to deal with the issue. Recently, a change in the way drivers are compensated in both groups has created a new vigor in the debate about company advancement.

    The rates for OTR and the company drivers were brought closer together with company drivers raised by fourteen cents per mile and OTR drivers only sixteen cents per mile. OTR drivers are upset because their money is not only for their time, but for the maintenance and upkeep, equipment for their trucks. The company drivers do not have to meet these same bills. The company position is that the company drivers have other responsibilities to the company. They often have to work in the shipping and loading areas and fill in on the desk, ...

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    A presentation of a company and a dilemma that may need research. Discussion includes the company, situation, parameters of problem and what needs have to be met in this to solve the problems.