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    Clearly state the "management dilemma" and the research question

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    Clearly state the "management dilemma" and the research question

    Clearly describe the research design you would use.

    State at least 5 measurement questions that you will use, with clear identification and description of the variables you will measure and the level of measurement of each variable.

    State three possible outcomes of the proposed research in terms of effect on the original problem statement.

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    So what can the company do to change its low price poor service image? Wal-Mart's management focuses on low prices by using its advanced distribution channels more than anything. Of course this is probably one of the most important things that customers are looking for. However the giant retailer doesn't have enough satisfactory products that attract today's shoppers especially in apparel, home furnishings and consumer electronics. Besides Wal-Mart's checkout time is quite longer when compared to other retailers. Customers also want a hassle free shopping experience with different choices, more convenient locations and extended hours in either buying or returning ...

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