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    observation, identify deilemma, design, details

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    Look at figure 3.1 of Research Methods for Business. Box 1 is titled "Observation"

    · Why do you think the research process should start at this point.

    · The first step is sometimes titled "identify the management dilemma" in business research. How does that relate to "Observation"?

    · What might be a "management dilemma" of interest to the management of your company?

    Figure 6.2 of the text expands one of the boxes of the "research design" step.

    · For the management dilemma you've identified (above) apply several of the "details of the study" items. (What might the "time horizon" of the study be, for example.)

    Why might the business research process be defined as "non-linear"?

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    //Before writing about the process of identifying management dilemma in business research, it is essential to have knowledge about the research process and problem formulation in research. One should know about the first stage of the research process, which further will aid in analyzing the management dilemma in business research in an effective manner.//


    1. Formulating the research problem is the primal stage in the research process. A research process should be started at this stage due to several reasons. In this stage the researchers state the objective of the problem. Here the general area of interest of the research is stated. This is important to remove ambiguities related to the problem. At this stage only the feasibility of any specific solution is studied before working on formulation of the problem. Here the general topic is changed into a specific research problem. This is the first stage as it determines the kind of data to be gathered, the nature of data, relations to be explored, the technique to be used, and the way of writing the final report (Marczyk, DeMatteo & Festinger, 2005).The ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 722 words with references.