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    Business research designs methods

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    Research designs are classified as communication or observation by the approach used to gather primary data. Identify five conditions under which observation is an appropriate method for data collection.

    Describe the strengths and limitations of observation as a data collection method.

    What are some of the responsibilities of interviewers aside from conducting the actual interviews?

    How can researchers increase the confidence business decision makers have in qualitative data?

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    Observation is done when the researcher wants to be unobtrusive, and does not want to influence what is really happening. If they were to stop and ask questions, they would either ruin their identity as an observer, or they would interrupt the flow of what is going on.

    Here are the conditions:
    1) People do not know that they are being watched
    2) The researcher does not want to influence what is happening
    3) The researcher can only gather data by observation vs. asking them why they are acting in a specific way (i.e - watching children play)
    4)This is the only way to record spontaneous behavior i.e behavior that can't be planned
    5)Under certain conditions, would not agree to take part in ...

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    A discussion of the design and methods involved for business research.