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Research designs, descriptions and explanations, references

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Please explain the different research designs and critique the points of each.

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There are two broad categories of research designs, with a number of approaches that can be used in either. The two are quantitative research and qualitative research. It helped me to remember which is which by using the prefixes of each: quantity deals with amounts, or numbers. On the other hand, quality deals with a judgment of better or worse, or feelings, ideas or beliefs.
These two types of research deal with 1) numerical representations of data (quantitative) or 2) in judgments of beliefs, feelings, or ideas (qualitative). BOTH use statistical analysis to arrive at their conclusions, but qualitative studies must first devise a way to quantify (attach numerical values to) the feelings, beliefs or ideas that are being measured, so that the analysis can be run. This is where ...

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This solution provides a discussion about research designs, explanations of types, with suggested reference texts for research study. The explanation is given in 494 words.

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