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concepts for statistics

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Using the table below, compare and contrast the main differences between two quantitative research designs and two qualitative research designs. Document your answers with cited scholarly sources and include references for all citations.

Quantitative Research Designs

Compare and Contrast Differences Between Quantitative Designs

Explanatory and Correlation

1. Explanatory

2. Correlation

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental

1. Experimental

2. Quasi-Experimental

Qualitative Research Designs

Compare and Contrast Differences Between Qualitative Designs

Ethnography and Phenomenology

1. Ethnography

2. Phenomenology

Exploratory and Historical

1. Exploratory

2. Historical

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For the correlational research, it tries to show whether and to what degree a relationship/interdependence exists between two or more variables. In this case, correlation coefficient r is used to determine the strength of correlation and r ranges from -1 and 1. However, strong correlation does not suggestion strong causality relationship.
For explanatory research, it is used to clarify why and how there is a relationship between two or more aspects of a situation. In this case, it can answer why and shows cause and effect. It will evaluate a theory's prediction and principle.

1. Dawson, Catherine. (2002) Practical Research Methods, New Delhi, UBS Publishers' Distributors
2. Kothari, C.R. ...

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