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    Qualitative and Quantitative Designs

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    Qualitative or quantitative designs are used in Applied Degrees such as the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). In an APA style document with citations compare and contrast the expectations for each approach be it qualitative or quantitative for an Applied Degree.

    Please send me a message if you don't fully understand the request. I am not asking you to solely compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative designs. I am asking for a comparison as it relate to an Applied Degree such as business administration.

    Please use APA format with in-text citations and reference page. I want detail work so I am giving a 4 pages parameter. Again, let it be a minimum of 4 pages.

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    In order to accomplish the applied degrees such as Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), it is essential for the students to develop their knowledge about the research methods and designs. Due to this, students enable to develop their research work in the related topics and ensure the achievement of higher grades in their applied degrees. Generally, there are two types of research designs such as qualitative and quantitative research designs, which are different from each other and help the researchers in achieving a right path to accomplish their research. The use of research design is mainly based on the nature of research study that conducted by the researcher (Creswell, 2013). In this way, this tutorial critically evaluates the expectations of qualitative and quantitative research designs to complete the applied degree program.

    Compare and Contrast of Research Designs

    In the applied degree like DBA, the researchers use both qualitative and quantitative research designs in order to accomplish the research in effective and reliable manner. In this, qualitative research design refers to the qualitative tools and methods that support the researchers to collect research specific data and information (Boswell and Cannon, 2011). In comparison to this, the quantitative research design can be defined as an objective and systematic plan that helps the researchers to measure the research results through using statistical data analysis framework (Mertens, 2014). These both the research designs are distinguished from each other in several ways such as quantitative research mainly counts the occurrence of research phenomena. On the other hand, the qualitative research design describes the complexity, breadth, and range of occurrence of phenomena. It also helps the researchers to make an in-depth investigation of the research issue and generate more valid and reliable outcomes as compared to the quantitative research design (Strang, 2015).
    According to Venkatesh, Brown and Bala (2013), qualitative research design is a scientific inquiry that supports the researchers to develop their understanding about the complex social processes through studying different participants and uncovering beliefs, values and motivations. Due to this, the researchers also enable to make a holistic picture of the research issue and conduct research in a natural setting. But, its counterpart, quantitative research design focuses on understanding the defined problem. In ...

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    This tutorial provides information about the differences between the research designs of the qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the context of applied degrees such as DBA.