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    Research Methods in Qualitative Design

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    What would be an appropriate research question in your field that would lead to a particular qualitative design? Identify the particular type of design, and justify your choice.

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a mixed method design?

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    Qualitative Design Question

    Qualitative research is about the collection of as much details as possible either via observation, immersion, written or recorded sources as well as interviews. Questions that would lead to the utilisation of qualitative research are ones then that require 'quality, depth and a thick human material including as much of the social perspective, via observed experience, as possible. For example if one is to ask the question 'What are the causes of teen depression?' then an ethnographic research design will suit best utilising interviews, immersion, observation as well as the use of written and recorded references from the web, from printed data, from audio data and even visual and video ...

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