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    ethical risks involved in observation research

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    Please help answer the below questions:

    Q 1. What ethical risks are involved in observation research? Explain the risks associated with the use of unobstructive measures?

    Q 2. How does data in qualitative research differ from data in quantitative research? Describe a business situation and a research question. Identify which research design is the most appropriate to investigate the situation and why. Is the research design quantitative or qualitative?

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    1. Ethical issues in observation research are very subtle and could be missed by researchers. The research involves observation and interaction with groups and hence it is likely that ethical issues can arise. There are several issues which have to be considered by researchers in analyzing the data obtained from observation research. Some of the issues involved are:

    -Informed consent: participants should be completely aware of what is been obtained from them and they should give prior consent.
    -Harm and risk: It is possible that the study hurts participants, not necessarily in a direct way.
    -Honesty and trust: The integrity of researcher is of main concern in presentation of data
    -Privacy, confidentiality and anonymity: The study should protect the group and not expose them
    -Intervention: Actions of researchers when ...

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    The ethical risk involved in observation research is determined.