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    Personal Interview

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    For personal interview and observations : is it possible the surveyor can affect the responses? How might that happen?

    Are there ethical issues involved with experimentation?

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    //Before discussing about the implications of any aspect, it is necessary to understand that aspect comprehensively. So firstly, we will describe the 'Personal Interview' and its other implications like affect of surveyor on responses.//

    Personal interviews are used to take accurate information from the people about any particular issue. The people also help the surveyors to make some questions more clear. In a personal interview and observation different people give different responses. These responses are affected by the surveyors (Survey and design of Questionnaires).

    In personal interviews, the interviewer or surveyor asks different questions to the people. At the same time, the interviewee also asks certain questions and the interviewer or surveyor give responses. If the cross questions or responses of surveyors affect the questions of interviewees that are misinterpreted by those people in the same sense, they will give incorrect answers of those questions. In unstructured interviews, the interviewer or surveyor is given much greater freedom to ask supplementary ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 660 words with references.