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    Considering an Interview Instead of Questionnaire for Evaluation

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    Please provide some help to come up with a detailed description of a scenario in which we might consider an interview instead of a questionnaire to gather information for faculty evaluation.

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    The interview for faculty evaluation cannot consider each student who has or is taking a
    course with a specific faculty member. Therefore, a means of identifying a specific condition in
    which the faculty member is evaluated should be considered. The interview must allow provide
    some flexibility, as students often juggle work, school and other responsibilities. The proposed
    interview scenario involves students have made a decision to drop a course, which has been
    led by a specific faculty member. The interview will be structured as an exit interview.
    Because there are many reasons for dropping a course, such as taking too many credit
    hours or other personal reasons, the exit interview will identify such reasons with the first
    question. An answer that indicates a reason other than the student having difficulty ...

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    The solution considers a scenario in which an interview instead of a questionnaire to gather information for faculty evaluation is given.