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    Annotated Ethics Checklists

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    Could you please help me prepare an annotated checklist of ethical considerations for doctoral research. The checklist should have two sections: The first section will be comprised of generic ethical considerations, and the second will pertain directly and specifically to the topic related to Multicultural workplaces.

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    I have given the basic checklist every researcher will use. If you know of your university's IRB site and can access it, this will give you some more in depth information about requirements of ethical intent for dissertations.

    1. Appropriate subject - is this subject appropriate for research and will it advance the knowledge and study of the subject? Does it advance the subject?
    2. What is the bias of the researcher? Why did the researcher pick this subject and do they have any bias to the subject, people involved, and committed points of view. The researcher must declare their biases to make the research viable. Admission of preconceived ideas, bias, concerns, experiences are all part of acknowledging the researchers bias.
    3. The information - where is it gather from and by whom? Is the data appropriate for the ...

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