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    Healthcare: Checklists & Standards

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    Think about airline pilots. The pilot uses a checklist upon takeoff or landing to ensure all steps are taken and the equipment works. Would you feel safe if the pilot did not use the checklist? How to patients feel about the lack of standards and checklists in healthcare?

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    Patients feel anxious about the lack of standards and checklist. They feel that their treatment is not complete and often ask the care provider if anything else needs to be done. Patients feel insecure about the lack of standards and checklists in healthcare. They feel that they have been given incomplete treatment, substandard treatment, and they may suffer in future because of lack of standards and checklists. Patients also feel cheated. They feel that they have paid in full for their treatment but they have not been given that treatment. Patients feel that their illness will return, they have to hospitalized again, and may have to be amputated because of ...

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