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    Medicare and Medical Malpractice Issues

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    Consider the recent changes in Medicare reimbursement for preventable errors. What social, political, legal, legislative, and regulatory factors led to the recent changes in reimbursement? Share an example of a preventable error and the impact these changes had on a healthcare organization. Please have an in-text reference in APA format that is less than five years old.

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    A very important social factor that led to recent changes in reimbursement is the fact that the general population was appalled at the great number of Americans that were suffering injuries and deaths due to preventable medical errors, and the tremendous cost to the Medicare system (Truog, 2010). A political factor that led to recent changes in reimbursement is the fact that government agencies that are charged with protecting the public, felt the need to step in and in order to find a way to help to rectify the situation from a safety and ...

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    This solution describes key issues in Medicare in relation to preventable injuries.