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    Reducing Medical Errors and Malpractice Claims

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    The number of malpractice claims for a hospital facility has doubled in the last quarter. Discuss a strategic plan to reduce the number of claims. Explain the different consequences of medical errors and how to target the issue in future.

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    Medical errors affect the healthcare system because they result in a loss of trust by the customers. When there
    is a significant event, information is now available in several key publications such as The Joint
    Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The publications are readily
    available for patients to find on the Internet. Clients are now looking at these sites to make important
    decisions regarding their hospital treatment. Medical errors can be expensive for an organization
    and increase their insurance rates, causing them to be required to ...

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    This solution provides a 340-word discussion on the different facets of the repercussions caused by medical errors and recommends strategies that will help reduce the number of medical errors (and subsequent malpractice claims) in future.