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    Telemedicine: Malpractice Issues

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    500 word essay on the issues that arise from the standpoint of malpractice liability when one endeavours into telemedicine. Issues of consent, prescription writing, the doctor patient relationship, cross state/country differences, and standard of care. 4-5 references would be great.

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    Malpractice liability relating to telemedicine arises when there is deviation from accepted standards of practice in medical community leading to injury or death to a patient. Problem arises because standards and regulations for malpractice liability are governed by state law. These regulations and standards vary from state to state. In case of telemedicine, most medical malpractice liability insurance covers only face to face interaction with patients in the State in which the physician is licenses. The problem in telemedicine is that states in which physicians are licensed can be exposed to uninsured claims (a). From the perspective of a physician he must examine the obligations of the insurance carriers to ascertain if the underwriters are also offering separate policies for physicians who give interpretive telemedicine services. Empirical evidence shows that there have been relatively few malpractice claims. Most claims are related to prescribing medication over the internet rather than negligence in the practice of medicine ...

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