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Endless Possibilities: The Future of IT on Health Care

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This article examines how the Internet, as one form of electronic communication, may be used as an external delivery source in communicating patient-specific information five years from now with for example; telemedicine, electronic transfer records, and emails. Other aspects discussed in this article are:

Implications for health care, future trends, and the impact of electronic communication

SNOMED and HL7 messaging systems, the electronic medical record (EMR), Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), and many others to create electronic records and assist in making, and supporting clinical decisions and support systems.

Future Trends and Implications; such as the increase in the usage of the Internet, WEB MD for health advice, communication, blogs, user support systems, and self-diagnosis.

Telehealth/Telemedicine as technological ways of remotely and efficiently monitoring patients in their home, hospitals, work, etc.

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An Introduction

In the last several decades, the health care industry has experienced numerous subtle and significant technology related and other changes. The goal in health care is to enable health care organizations and systems to provide quality care for patients in need and to ensure that patient information is protected and their information is kept safe and confidential. As such, as your question relates to some future trends in health care in technology such as information technology (IT) and the use of Apps, computers etc. It is important to note the following:


Telehealth/Telemedicine includes technological ways of remotely and efficiently monitoring patients in their home, hospitals, work etc. Most health care systems have already or are in the process of implementing IT systems that are computerized advanced health care informatics. The use of e- mail, telemedicine, and electronic transfer of records has been proven to be quite effective, and the implementation and utilization of such technology and advance applications and programs also have a positive impact on the community at large, patients, care givers, and all stakeholders and organizations.

It is important to note that, despite its many ...

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