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    Threats and Public Health

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    A two-paragraph statement that details the highlights of the development of public health in the U.S. Once this statement has been developed, assess whether or not the structure of organized public health systems in the U.S. appropriately matches the current state of public health. Support your position.

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    Public health has come a long way and is still growing and changing. It basically started out as a sanitation service to fight disease caused by unsanitary conditions. Now, in the 21st century, the function is endless. From pushing policy on car seat and seat belt restraints to limiting environmental hazards, public health fights more than illness and injury caused by disease.

    Previous focus had been on populations as a whole. In more recent years, this "one size fits all" idea has been set aside ...

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    This solution provides a brief historical overview of the public health field discussing shifts in focus. Ideas are suggested for determining whether the structure is meeting the current state of US public health issues.