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    Relationship between public and private insurance

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    Describe the relationship between public and private insurance as well as among the branches of the government. These components and their associated stakeholders are part of a large system. Consider the U.S. health care "system." At the strategic level (macro level), draw a stakeholder diagram that includes both private and public entities. Be sure to include employers, employees, the government branches, and the private insurers. Identify the major stakeholders and their competing objectives.

    Prepare your diagram as a PowerPoint document with speaker notes sufficient to explain your work. At a minimum, identify six major stakeholders depicted on your diagram and provide at least one paragraph discussing the prevailing objectives for each one. Be sure to include at least three references justify your diagram. Submitted as a PDF with notes section included.

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    Step 1
    Employers: The employers are important stakeholders in the healthcare system. One of the benefits that employers provide is health insurance. It is provided to attract and retain employees. Many employers have fixed policies in place in relation to employees. When there are changes in the health care system, the employers review their health care benefits policy. They assess it term of cost and the benefit the policies have in attracting and retaining employees.

    Step 2
    Employees: The employees are key beneficiaries of the healthcare system. They receive health care support in accordance with the health insurance they have. The insurance benefits that employees get forms an important part of the compensation system. The employees are attracted to firms that provide comprehensive health coverage and do not require employees to make payments.

    Step 3
    Health Service providers: The health service ...

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