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    Public Health vs. Clinical medicine (hospital care)

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    Health Comparison

    List the differences and similarities between the hospital health care system and the public health system. Your responses should be full sentences, not just words or phrases, written in the chart below. Simply complete this chart.

    For example, you know that in health care we focus on the health of the individual by an individual assessment of health and illness usually directed by a physician; whereas, in public health, we focus on the health of a population or target aggregate. We then utilize many healthcare resources and community assets with measurement being accomplished by the outcomes for a population.


    Major goal of care:

    Client entry into care methods:

    Breadth and scope of practice/care delivery:

    Provider/client Relationship (role, duration, scope, etc):

    Funding sources:

    Other criteria:

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    Dear Student,
    Thank you for the opportunity to assist in your academic pursuits. Contained below is information to help in completing your assignment.

    Public health and clinical health (hospital) has some distinct differences. However, if you look closely there are similarities and defined areas of collaboration as well. As you can see from each category both disciplines are concerned with the human condition. Both use laboratory work to assist in completing work. Both rely on science to define the issue at hand.

    From here, looking more closely it is easy to see the differences. Different types of science are used in each. The way the client (patient) enters into care differs. The delivery of solution to the problem differs in focus. Generally the relationship between the provider and client is quite different in the two approaches to health. Likewise, funding sources came from different arenas, for the most part. There is a couple of similarities if clinical care does receive and federal or private donation money.

    To make it easier for you to see the specific points for each (public health and clinical medicine), I have listed each in own category and numbered the statements. The numbered statements will correlate with the other group. In this way you can directly compare one specific detail at a time and draw your conclusions. In addition, I have created a small table and inserted number correlations for considering to ...

    Solution Summary

    Both public health and clinical medicine serve the health needs of humans. Each utilizes different approaches and philosophies. However, there are similarities between the two as well. This document gives an overview of each health approach and defines who and how they serve human needs.