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Health Care Strategic Planning

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Create and describe the healthcare organization's service strategy. In particular, link your service strategy to the creation of a healing environment and developing a culture of customer service.

Identify how your service strategy is linked to the organizational vision and mission.

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The healthcare organization: We are an integrated health delivery system, which means that we provide and coordinate the entire scope of care for our members, including:
· Preventive care
· Well-baby and prenatal care
· Immunizations
· Emergency care
· Screening diagnostics
· Hospital and medical services
· Pharmacy services
As a nonprofit health plan, we are driven by the needs of our members rather than the needs of shareholders. We also believe that we have a responsibility to serve the communities in which we operate. Some of our community activities include:
· Providing assistance to the uninsured and special populations
· Training new health professionals
· Introducing new delivery methods into the health care field
· Developing and sharing better ways of caring for patients

Our core values
We maintains a set of core values that are central to our organization and help demonstrate what sets our model of care apart from other health care organizations.

Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality health care services and improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

Social purpose
We aspire to be the world leader in improving health through quality, affordable, integrated health care. We are best known for our strong social purpose, physician responsibility for clinical care, and the enduring partnership between our health plan and our medical/dental groups.

Integrated care is one of the cornerstones of our health care system. With us, consumers don't just buy insurance. For a fixed monthly fee, they gain easy access to an organized system that provides integrated preventive, routine, emergency, and hospital care.

We changed the economics of medicine by focusing on keeping our patients healthy, rather than just treating illness. We offer a broad benefits package for a set fee, and encourage our members to seek care before a medical problem becomes serious and costly treatment is necessary.

Comprehensive benefits
Our comprehensive benefits span the entire scope of care, including hospital and surgical services; maternity care; diagnostic and lab services; preventive care; allergy testing; home health care; doctor office visits; well-baby care; immunizations; emergency care; and routine health appraisals.

Members are encouraged to choose a personal ...

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