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Planning a strategic retreat for Health Care Organization

I need some ideas to help complete this question. I was asked to organize a strategic planning retreat for a health care organization. What type of outline or steps would be taken and who will be included in the process?

Thank you for your input.

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Hi: Here is a great link to this process:http://accordlimited.com/articles/Health-Care-Strategic-Planning-Services.pdf

You would first want to decide who will be included in the planning. The content of this group would be a coordinator, stakeholders that are effected by the changes, and who have input in regards to the changes. It would be important to determine what was being planned. The board would most likely outline this, and then the planning committee would go to work ...

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This detailed solution helps the student plan a strategic planning retreat for a Health Care Organization. It includes an outline and steps that would be necessary for the planning, as well as suggestions as to who should be included in the process. It includes several links to further help the student.