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Strategic planning and quality care - health services

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1. What is strategic planning and why is it an important tool in the health care industry?

2. Define the meaning of quality in the health care setting from both the provider and consumer perspective. Provide examples of poor quality of care and good quality care as experienced by you or someone you know and discuss how the level of quality can affect the outcome of the care.

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1. What is strategic planning and why is it an important tool in the health care industry?

Strategic planning is about setting goals and working out steps to achieve these goals. It requires forward thinking - identifying what the organization stands for, what services it provides and what the client's current and future needs are. Strategic planning is about achieving optimal outcomes for both the clients and for the organization. One way to understand the significance of strategic planning is to think about what would happen if an organization had no strategic direction - no goals and no planning. How would the organization cope, for example, with an increasing aging population? Strategic planning is therefore about preparing for the future, understanding the trends and ensuring that needs will be met. It is also about making quality improvements and ensuring that the organization's goals and values are implemented.

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This solution provides a brief discussion on strategic planning, its meaning and significance in a health care setting. The meaning of quality in health care is also discussed.

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