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    Internship application suggestions

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    Would you please help me to get started on an essay about the role of the registered professional nurse in the United States? Further, I need to explain how completing my clinical experience (internship hours) at a given hospital will help me (a nursing student) grow into that role.

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    The role of a nurse in the United States has evolved greatly in the last century. Conditions, standards, and advances in medicine have transformed the profession, health and longevity of people in the western world. As a person with a passion for assisting people toward improved health, I've taken it a step further by completed my academic preparation, which will give me the opportunity to move beyond just caring for someone. This piece is written in anticipation of completing the 1000 hour internship requirement so that my clinical experience will ultimately offer me the chance for consideration of a career at your hospital or another with equal quality.

    **With regard to the role of an RPN in the U.S, the nurse usually works with a medical doctor in a home, medical facility or clinic. While each state is different, an RPN follows requirements set up by the State Board of Nursing, which includes completing accredited academic ...

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