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    Internship in Law Enforcement (Value)

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    Essay on How would a career goal such as FBI agent, Probation officer, DEA, CSI is/are related to a career in law enforcement , and how an intership with the police department would help a person achieve their goals.

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    Internship Value in Policing

    For any job/role, experience and familiarity counts. This is true for policing and investigative roles in law enforcement too. For while training is provided upon intake, chances are much higher for those who have taken the time to experience the culture, environment and pressures of a law enforcement organization through internship and practical training programs. According to Stanford University's (2015) Graduate School of Education, "An internship can be a great way for managers to advance organizational goals while mentoring aspiring professionals. Internships are mutually beneficial." Students add value to the work place by bringing in enthusiasm and ideas - boosting morale and energising and organization. But better yet for the students, they get to connect the 'theory' element of their studies to real-world work so that they get a glimpse of what a potential role in the field they wish to pursue is actually like - getting a feel of the culture, the environment and the pressures that come with the job.

    American law enforcement understands this and they want to recruit the best. To achieve that, ...

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