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Scholarship Impact

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In 200 words. How would a $1,000 scholarship positively impact a person ability to pursue their degree program in criminal justice and how would a person intend to utilize the degree after graduation.

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Scholarship Impact

To students, cash scholarships create value in educational experience, and if planned well can further the likelihood of career success. As a student pursuing a degree in criminal justice, the costs of education as it stands are high. But I believe that a good education in itself is an investment that returns tenfold and helps to build one's foundation in life, career-wise and in terms of personal development. Thus, to have $1,000 scholarship in support of that pursuit is an opportunity that offers new avenues to further an understanding of the justice system. In particular I would like to utilise this fund to support a Department of Homeland Security ...

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The solution provides a sample discussion on how to best utilise a $1,000 scholarship grant in furthering a criminal degree. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A simple outline is suggested.