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    UAV and Law Enforcement

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    I am in the process of preparing a response regarding UAVs as emerging technology in law enforcement. Could someone please give me a brief overview of this topic? The main areas I need assistance in are regarding the value chain analysis for law enforcement that includes the public, law enforcement officials, and suspects. How should I relate the current activities taking place (prior to UAVs) in law enforcement to an analysis of the competitive strength of law enforcement? I want to cover current primary activities such as those concerned with monitoring suspects and suspicious activity in addition to supporting activities such as the human resources needed that may decrease effectiveness or efficiency.

    I also need to discuss how law enforcement should manage organizational change caused by the emergence of UAVs in the law enforcement field. What problems exist that may affect the acceptance of UAVs and what potential problems may arise as a result of this new technology? What areas should law enforcement leadership be knowledgeable? (For example: process re-engineering and restructuring, innovating application of goods and services, approaches to managing staff as a vital element in the value chain, or methods of achieving and maintaining public acceptance.)

    If you could start me out with around 600 words, I think I will be able to incorporate your guidance into my full response. Any sources used will be greatly appreciated for further use. Thank you very much!

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    Let us consider the need for UAV in law enforcement.

    In recent times, demand for the services of law enforcement is ever increasing. The Police organizations are being constantly asked to do more despite financial constraints. The need for police organizations is to procure immediate aerial intelligence while ensuring the safety of police personnel, civilians and property.

    Let us view some of the circumstances where they do need modern and fast responding technology:

    CBRE incident, Covert tactical surveillance, Forensic scenes, Support for Arrest Warrants, Gunfire rescue of Officers and citizens, VIP Security, Perimeter Security, Accident Investigations, Search and Rescue, Smuggling, Drugs, Disaster Management, Crowd Control, Explosives Ordinance Disposal and Hostage and Barricades.

    The law enforcement agencies in Montgomery, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Gadsden, Alabama and Miami-Dade are already using the drones. Keeping in view this fact the discussion to have UAVs or not is no more than academic.

    Need & Criteria:

    The above clearly point towards the need for support technologies for efficient and fast operational results from the force. Police are expected and must be in a position to respond fast to any incident and at any time. As such, the equipment selected must be capable ...

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    Gone are the days when a single beat constable used to keep the crime in check. Criminals have also changed and are in competition with law enforcement agencies in innovating, developing and effectively using new techniques. Every effort has to be made to ensure these technologies do not fall in the hands of criminals.

    The introduction and implementation of IT in the force boosted their efficiency to a great deal. Use and adoption of UAV s will definitely further enhance their functioning. In turn it entails re-structuring and re-engineering the entire present system a- new. The policies will have to be changed in accordance with the demand of time. New functional responsibilities will have to be redefined avoiding overlapping. Induction of fresh minds - management and IT specialist will be necessary to achieve better and faster results.