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Accounting Internships: A Win-Win Arrangement

Please summarize the following article in 2 pages or less (12 font double spaced): "Accounting Internships: a win win arrangement"
By VanSyckle, Larry D.

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Accounting internships: a win-win arrangement.
By VanSyckle, Larry D

According to recent reports on accounting education, an increasing difference exists between what students are being taught and what accounting practitioners actually do. Yet despite such criticisms of accounting education, methods exist that help blend study and practice more effectively.
While an internship can offer a valuable contribution to an individual's accounting education, it should also provide certain benefits for the employer. A study was used to gather data from participants concerning their perceptions and attitudes toward accounting internship programs Among the benefits from internships mentioned were as follows: 1. It enhanced and facilitated the employer's recruiting efforts. ...

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