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SWOT and Public Health Questions

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My team represents the nurse leaders who serve on the Administrative Board in an organization (hospital).

The Executive Board has asked you to perform a SWOT Analysis to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment as well as the opportunities and threats of the external environment. I need assistance with the following two questions.

Explain the effect of the external environment on strategic management.

Explain the role of leadership in strategic management.

The following two sets of questions (total of four) are for discussion questions and for information to discuss with other students in the class. The last answers you provided helped me expand our discussions...thank you for that.

Identify components of useful program objectives for public health programs. How do goals fit within objectives? (I will give an example of an objective).

Compare and contrast the private health care subsystem and the public health care subsystem. Why is it important to understand both subsystems?

Describe the effects of economics on health care access. Are there ethical considerations when considering health care access?

Define the four roles of the community health nurse in the economics of health care. Choose an area and give an example of how you might apply it to that area.

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A SWOT and public health questions are examined. The expert explains the effects of the external environment on strategic management.

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