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This post addresses web 2.0 technology and related issues.

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Explain where term Web 2.0 or Web 2.0 technology originated and what is different in the way the Web is used today from the Web 1.0 world. Also, explain whether there is a Web 3.0 world in the wings waiting for us and what it will mean to the Web 2.0 businesses emerging today.

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The solution discusses Web 2.0 technology and if Web 3.0 technology is in the near future.

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Explain where term "Web 2.0" or "Web 2.0 technology" originated.

Web 2.0 is most commonly called Web 2, and it was a term developed by Tim O-Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly media. The term refers to the blogs, social media sites, and comparable technologies that were made possible due to the development of applications including RSS and Eclipse, which is a Java-based platform. When we share information on social media sites, when users engage in virtual communities, chats, and activities, the collective activities make up what's referred to as Web 2.0.

What is different in the way the Web is used today from the ''Web 1.0'' world?

Web 1.0 is also a term that is used to describe the Internet, and it came before Web 2.0. With Web 1.0, sites were mostly static, there were no dynamic pages compared to what we're seeing today. Users could view Web 1.0 pages but ...

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