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    Advanced Web Application Development

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    What is the definition of Internet development concepts and technology? Give some examples.

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    The complex and evolving technology infrastructure of Internet Development includes:
    - Server-software,
    - Content-syndication,
    - Messaging-protocols,
    - Standards-based browsers with plugins and extensions, and
    - Various client-applications.

    * Web-based applications and desktops
    The richer user-experience afforded by Ajax [1] has prompted the development of web-sites that mimic personal computer applications, such as word processing, the spreadsheet, and slide-show presentation. WYSIWYG wiki sites replicate many features of PC authoring applications. Still other sites perform collaboration and project management functions. In 2006 Google, Inc. acquired one of the best-known sites of this broad class, Writely.

    Several browser-based "operating systems" or "online desktops" have also appeared. They essentially function as application platforms, not as operating systems per se. These services mimic the user experience of desktop operating-systems, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment. They have as their distinguishing characteristic the ability to run within any modern browser.

    Numerous web-based application services appeared during the dot-com bubble of 1997-2001 and then vanished, having failed to gain a critical mass of customers. In 2005, WebEx acquired one of the better-known of these, Intranets.com, for slightly more than ...

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    Definition of Internet development concepts and technology is given.