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Example Project Plan for a Business Venture that I could apply to Microsoft Project.

I'm looking for an example of a project plan for a business venture that I could apply to Microsoft Project. It should be the type of project that could draw investors and could be used to monitor, control, and forecast project results.
Project plan should:
? include detailed cost and revenue estimates along-with a schedule
? require financing prior to commencement
? be such that could generate revenue and profit once completed
? include a project proposal

The project Proposal should contain following sections, each of which contains a description and analysis interpretation:
? Executive Summary/Proposal summarizing the content from the entire document with quantifiable highlights such as overall cost, duration, revenue, etc., while making the pitch to investors along with a request for needed funding.
? WBS with proper grouping, indenting, and coding for approximately 25 to 40 tasks.
? Cost Estimate for each task. Capital cost estimates should include building, franchise fees, equipment, and estimates for anything else required for the project. Cost estimating should justify the project by including an NPV analysis of costs vs. projected detailed revenue streams over a five year period with cash inflows and outflows over the project life. Start-up and other costs, and revenue streams, should be derived from detailed project cost estimates and sales forecasts.
? Example of an advanced Cost Estimating Technique that would be applicable to the project and describes the use of an advanced technique (e.g. three-point, contingency estimating, etc.).
? Cost Assumptions that include a list of assumptions made when deriving the estimates.
? Schedule should be depicted in Microsoft Project Gantt chart schedule that includes the tasks, task relationships, task duration, and task resources.

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Please see the attached example. I did this exercise for my personal company a few months ago for Project Cost and Schedule Control. It includes all the requirements listed above. This would be a good exercise if you are affiliated with a non-profit or have a personal company of your own you would like to apply this Web Development Scenario to.

TDZ Property Management Solution: Website Development Project(Sample Solution For Brainmass)

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Executive Summary

The Destination Zone LLC is a real estate development company based in Atlanta, GA. The company owns and manages 3 rental rental units and has developed an expertise in finding properties, finding renters, and keeping properties occuppied at an optimal price point. The Destination Zone has been utilizing websites such as ajc.com, ajcexchange.com, and Craigslist.com as marketing vehicles for vacant properties. It has proven convenient because the organization doesn't have vacant properties all the time and it avoids the company having to pay monthly maintenance fees for a website that only serves the purpose of marketing vacant rental properties. The Destination Zone is considering expanding it's portfolio of services, making a company website a necessity. The company will now start managing properties it doesn't own and soliciting Request For Proposals for landscaping, construction, and plumbing work on properties. As a part of the overall property management services function, the website will need to have functionality to accept payments, manage property listings, process rental applications, market and advertise property, allow tenants to place orders for repairs/maintanence, allow skilled labor to join our network of on-call professionals, link tenants to company resource division, and have an intranet that allows TDZ management to access internal features specific to property management.
The Destination Zone LLC was started in January of 2005. Its mission is to provide affordable and quality living to underserved residents. The company has been able to leverage a real estate market with an abudance of supply and record low prices to provide rental property for individuals that otherwise would live in substandard living conditions. Our company has worked with domestic violence shelters, recruited from churches, and community centers to provide individuals with quality rental homes at affordable prices. The company currently has three rental properties in Atlanta, GA and is looking to expand. This expansion includes acquiring more properties to purchase, providing property management services to other property owners, and provide incentive programs that promote financial sustainability for TDZ tenants. Web-based technology will allow the company to fullfil these objectives in a cost efficient way.
The Destination Zone has established relationships with much local skilled labor in the Atlanta area. This labor includes handymen, plumbers, landscape specialists, air condition repairman, and roofers. These relationships allow The Destination Zone to obtain special pricing and obtain preferred status for ...

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