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    Information Technology: Principles and Emerging Trends

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    1. Test your comprehension of the principles in this module by discussing the four design principles of reshaping the landscape. Which are you most familiar with? What is your experience with its application?


    1. Using the list of addresses in Appendix B, browse the World Wide Web for two articles. Include the URL addresses to identify your sources.

    a. Select a news article or product review that discusses an emerging information technology. Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the technology. What type of technology was addressed in the article? What is its function and benefit or impact?

    b. Select an article that reflects one of the five forces (buyers, suppliers, new entrants, competitors, or substitutes). Discuss the content of the article, demonstrating how it relates to the topic.

    Professional Development

    1. In your own words, define what is meant by communities of value. How do the various communities impact the growth of information technologies?

    Issues to Consider

    1. There are a number of companies creating new competitive landscapes using today's most interesting digital technologies (e.g., Active X, Java, etc.). Use the list of Web addresses (Downes & Mui, 2000, p. 219-223) to search for updated information concerning a business or industry using such technology. Describe the type of business and the information technology it is using. (Include the URL address to identify your source.)

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    //Information technology has affected every field of life. The IT solutions are improved according to demand of the consumers. As per the instructions, we will discuss about four 'Designing Principles' of IT.//

    Information Technology: Principles and Emerging Trends

    Four Design Principles

    Due to the emerging demand of new technologies, the reshaping of the landscape of information technology is essential for the companies. To change this landscape, IT includes selection of most appropriate hardware, software, wireless technology, etc. These components should be properly installed and maintained for their smooth and efficient running. To redesign the landscape of information technology, there are some specific principles, which are very helpful for the given purpose (IT Services).

    For the development of a high quality information technology environment, the IT experts have given some basic principles. Out of all these principles, the four main principles of reshaping the landscape of the information technology are as follows:

    Information Technology should have flexibility: The information technology should be flexible enough to be accessible for all the users. According to this principle, the tools and equipments of information technology should be allowed to use by all the people, when and where required (Information Technology Principles, 2006).

    Information Technology Security: The data about any particular person or information about any company should be protected for unauthorized interfaces. IT environment should have such a landscape in which confidentiality and integrity is maintained.

    Information Technology should foster new innovations: In IT environment, new innovations should be made frequently so that, new requirements of the users can be accessed easily. Besides this, unusual traffic patterns should also be managed to prevent the wrong happenings.

    Information Technology should have consistent interoperability: The information technology should have consistent and internationally accepted information. The information technology should not have any king of counterproductive barriers.

    Among all these principles the most popular and familiar principle is information technology security. The security in information technology is an essential requirement for all the business organizations. Security is considered in the designing of the information systems. The security makes the business organizations confident that their personal information can not be disclosed in the open business environment.

    Amazon web services apply the information technology security principles in its operations. It provides a flexible information system to its customers to build a wide range of applications. Rather than a single data centre, the company uses end-to-end security and end-to- end privacy in its ...

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