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    Need ideas and suggestions for the following:

    Select an emerging issue that will pose new ethical dilemmas for healthcare. For example, technology integration, innovation testing, genetic mapping, stem cell research, etc.

    Using APA format, prepare a response analyzing whether global competition affects U.S. healthcare policy?

    For example, stem cell research in Europe but not here - how will that affect our economy and our health care options?

    Also indicate how the U.S. should handle licensing and liability issues for clinicians practicing telemedicine across state or national borders.

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    One approach to help you with an assignment like this is to provide information from various sources for each section, which will it fairly easy to take it to the next step and write your final copy. So although BrainMass policy does NOT allow for OTAs to write papers for students, this will make it easy to take it to the next step of writing your final copy. I also attached an APA paper for proper APA formatting, if that is an assignment requirement.


    First, this response looks at the ethical issues surrounding stem cell research and then examines the impact of not doing stem research in terms of global competition. Finally it examines how the United States should handle licensing and liability issues for clinicians practicing telemedicine across state or national borders.

    I. Introduction (introduce topic; thesis or purpose statement and what the paper includes)
    II. Stem Cell Research
    III. Global Competition: Impact on UC Healthcare Policy
    IV. Licensing and liability issues: Telemedicine
    V. Conclusion

    Now let's take a closer look at information for you to consider for your final copy.

    United States is facing a junction of socio-economic and technological factors that may challenge American healthcare system, while at the same time it is offering considerable opportunities, such as stem cell research. In fact, the United States is presently faced by an ageing population, which is also experiencing increasing numbers and intensity of chronic diseases (http://www.alternativeinsight.com/Health_Problem.html).

    The purpose of this paper is to... (Now list what the paper includes, like I did for this response above, to give order and organization to the paper)


    Ethics aside, there are scientific aspects of cloning and stem cell research which still need to be clarified, and the fact that research on adult stem cells is comparably advanced to and perhaps more promising than research on embryonic stem cells. As well, the results of attempting to clone non-human animals (i.e. Dolly) also cast somber doubt on the safety of cloning for transplantation, as well as cloning for birth (http://www.linacre.org/stemcell.html). "While the ethics of human cloning are being examined, some people suggest that cloning be banned. Italy and Argentina were two of the first countries to follow this advice. (April, 2008)" (http://science.howstuffworks.com/genetic-science/human-cloning.htm).

    Simply put, the ethical issue of stem cell research has to do with the rights of every human being, and whether these same rights are given to the embryo. The question here lies in whether life begins at conception. From the biological perspective it does: "Human beings are animals (of a special sort) who begin to exist when the individual organism begins to exist. The universal terminus a quo in developmental biology is fertilization. The development of the placenta and other fetal organs does not undermine the significance of fertilization as the normal beginning of the human organism, and neither does the phenomenon of identical twinning, if this is correctly understood" (http://www.linacre.org/stemcell.html) However, for some reason, although biologists agree that upon fertilization, life begins for all organisms, this has become ...

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    This solution analyzes whether global competition affects U.S. healthcare policy on one emerging issue that will pose new ethical dilemmas for healthcare. References are provided.