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Exposure Drafts and Emerging Issues

Case 2-13 FASB Exposure Drafts and Emerging Issues

Visit the FASB's home page on the World Wide Web.

a. Review recently posted FASB Documents and Information to determine if any important new initiatives are being considered by the FASB.
b. What exposure drafts are currently outstanding?
c. What issues are being considered by the Emerging Issues Task Force?

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(1) The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) today announced the establishment of the Investors Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC). Comprised of users of financial reports with strong technical accounting knowledge, ITAC members will serve as a standing resource for the FASB in obtaining further user perspectives and insights on Board projects.

The ITAC will help the Board identify urgent accounting and financial reporting ...

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The solution discusses exposure drafts and emerging issues as seen in the FASB's