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    Determining Asset Classes for a Selected Mutual Fund

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    Select a mutual fund and a Dow 30 organization. Based on your selections, prepare a paper in which you determine the asset classes for your selected mutual fund and Dow 30 organization. In your paper, be sure to also explain how classifications (e.g. mutual fund, Dow 30) and the current investment environment impact organizational decisions concerning the composition of their portfolios.

    Please include citation.

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    The mutual fund select for this assignment is Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund. Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund's primary investment objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation. At least 65% of the Fund's total assets will be invested in emerging country equity securities: common and preferred stock, bonds, notes and debentures convertible into common or preferred stock, stock purchase warrants and rights, equity interests in trusts and partnerships as well as American, Global or other types of Depository Receipts. The Fund may leverage up to 10% of its total assets.

    Reference: http://www.etfconnect.com/select/fundPages/global.asp?MFID=8095

    The Dow 30 company selected for this assignment is Caterpillar. As per the last annual report of the company, the major investment decisions of the company in the recent fiscal year include:

    The company heavily invested in expansion or growth plans for emerging markets such as India and China. In June 2008, as part of its strategic plan to ...

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