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Emerging Issues in Healthcare

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consider the importance of emerging issues and how they might impact professions and communities. What is currently changing in your health field? Consider how this might impact communication efforts, information flow, or advancements in technology. Research and select an emerging issue in your health field, post a brief description of an emerging issue in your health field. Then, explain why you think it is emerging and how it may impact your field. Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.
Use APA formatting for your discussion and to cite your resources

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Emerging issues are important because they herald a change. They impact communities and professions because they represent several opportunities and threats. These issues have not been important or influential in the past but now are likely to affect the field in future.
The emerging issues in health care are the rising health care costs, health insurance affordability, and rising age in USA. The rising health care costs have several dimensions. On individual basis the health care costs have gone up, the states have cut Medicaid benefits; employers have shifted more of insurance costs to employees, higher health care costs for aged people, and meeting the health needs of immigrants.
The health care issues have impacted communication efforts and information flow in health care industry. Health information technology has been slow in penetrating health care. In some states electronic prescribing and technology for sharing of medical records has been introduced but the ...

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