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    Once a management official understands the causal factors associated with a problem, it is time to identify and explore possible (feasible) solutions. However, there are managers who have a tendency to singularly focus on a particular solution to a problem and give little or no consideration to other viable alternatives. This is likely due to the manager's belief that he or she fully understands the nature and scope of the problem and what the correct course of action should be. This decision is typically without having analyzed the causal factors associated with the problem at hand.

    Why do you believe this phenomenon exists? What do you perceive to be the negative consequences associated with this practice in healthcare organizations? Please provide references and a min of 250+ words.

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    Tunnel vision occurs in healthcare management when a manager solely focuses on one process at the chagrin of other viable options. In reference to the tunnel vision that occurs in healthcare management, it is predicated upon the establishment of visionary objectives and goals wherein missions are created and managers attempt to adhere to the goals and objectives initially outlined even when better alternatives may be ...

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    The expert examines the negative consequences associated with the practice in healthcare organizations.