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The Historical Evolution of the Healthcare System

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Why is it important to understand the historical evolution of the healthcare system?

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This solution explains why it is important to understand the historical evolution of the healthcare system. Supplemented with an overview of the history of the healthcare system that extends this discussion.

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1. Why is it important to understand the historical evolution of the healthcare system?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana(16)

Thus, it is important to understand the evolution of healthcare system. In order to move ahead toward positive change, we must first understand the important health and societal issues that have shaped and are still shaping the emerging field of healthcare. Like other organizations, in order to envision the future, one must first know where it has been and what worked and what did not work. It is, thus, important to remember the many historical birth pains of healthcare sector, such as the transition of the health sector from the economic backwater to a major component of the modern economy, together with the ongoing changes, which are radically transforming the way in which health services are financed and delivered. Traditionally dominant small-sized and fragmented providers are in the process of becoming consolidated into large sized health service networks that feature strong managerial and financial controls in place of formerly undermanaged services. New in payments methods are producing questionable changes in healthcare provider behavior and a realignment of the physician/patient relationship. Progress in the availability and reliability of information technology is another important change catalyst. These ...

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