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Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

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What is the historical evolution of regulatory policies in the health care industry? Describe the oversight agency. Describe the impetus for the policy; how the policy is implemented, including problems or loopholes/weaknesses in implementation. What are the penalties for violation associated with each regulatory compliance law? How are they are evaluated? What are the emerging regulatory issues in the health care industry?

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The "Health Care Industry" comprises hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities, and many others health care providers. Each has to work under certain regulations that assure patient safety and high quality of care. The organization that has been the champion in promoting and enforcing health policy regulations is a non-profit organization known as JCAHO or Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. This organization uses a process that combines surveys, outcomes and other performance measures, a Sentinel Event Policy (self-reporting of medical errors), the advice of the Professional and Technical Advisory Committees among others not only to establish standards but also during the accreditation process. The standards are set to ensure patient safety by providing the highest possible health care quality services.

The history of regulatory policies goes back to 1910 when the first monitor system was proposed by Dr. Ernest Codman. "Under this system, a hospital would track every patient it treated long enough to determine whether the treatment was effective" (The Joint Commission, 2010, ¶1). Then in 1917 the newly formed American College of Surgeons developed the "Minimum Standard for Hospitals" that filled only 1 ...

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The solution includes a historical description of the evolution of the regulatory compliance in healthcare including creation of JCAHO or Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization and its role in today's healthcare standards.

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