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    The Intent of Regulatory Organizations

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    we learned that providing quality care is not just good ethics, it is good business. However, quality in healthcare cannot be assumed. It requires that an organization comply with both the mandates and the intent of regulatory organizations. Visit one of the following websites: www.jointcommission.org, www.aha.org, and www.ncqa.org

    Identify the organization's goals and key functions.

    What efforts are being made to assure good ethics and quality care?

    What are some of the challenges facing this regulatory organization?

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    The Joint Commission is an organization that works very hard to ensure high quality healthcare.

    The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) is a nonprofit USA organization that operate accreditation programs for a fee to affiliated healthcare organizations. The accreditation process consists of a surprise survey. The survey happens once every three years after the organization's last unannounced survey. The survey is performed to verify compliance with the standards. If no immediate threats to patient's lives are found, the surveyors ...

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    This solution describes the mission, efforts, and challenges of joint commission.