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Regulatory System: Managed Care

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Compare and contrast different methods to create a seamless regulatory system for all managed care organizations. Discuss which method you feel would be most effective and why.

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In this post, comparisons and contrasts are made among different methods to create a seamless regulatory system for managed care organizations.

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A Seamless Regulatory System for Managed Care Organizations

There are various methods such as stabilization of the insurance market, consumer protection laws and regulations and licensing requirements that create a seamless regulatory system for all managed care organizations (MCOs) including health maintenance organizations (HMO), point of service (POS), health insurers, health benefit service plans and preferred provider organizations (PPOs). These methods have similarity regarding the regulation of integrated parts of MCOs to ensure the quality of healthcare services provided by them to the patients (Kongstvedt, 2012).

But at the same time, they differ from each other in terms of their implications in regulation of MCOs. The stabilization of Insurance market is related with the regulation ...

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